clarus platform

A system for digitally managing artwork

clarus is an app that allows artists, dealers, and collectors to manage and transfer artwork information. You can use it through your device’s browser simply by registering as a user, and artwork owners and businesses can look up information and even use it as a reference for appraisals.

( What you can do with clarus )

Information on a work’s authenticity and history can be recorded in the cloud.
Work information will be transferred to the new owner, and historical data will be updated in the event of a restoration, exhibition, or the like.

Clarus Platform Detail
  • Feature 01

    Digitization of artwork history

    ・Enables viewing of detailed information about a work on your device at any time
    ・Lets you check historical data such as exhibitions and restorations, provenance, etc.

  • Feature 02

    User-friendly artwork management system

    ・Enables entry of data on artworks including images without the need for a special device
    ・Artists and dealers can create a catalogue raisonné using data that has been entered
    ・Can be used by collectors as an artwork management system (paid members only)

  • Feature 03

    Potential for future data utilization

    ・Data on the platform can be utilized to provide a better experience, such as by recommending works for sale based on current and past work ownership data